Mr. Allen Bennett - Chairman

Juvenile Detention Center

1860 East Pike  (JDC)

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Mrs. Lacey Higgins-Geyer - Board Member

Higgins Lumber Co. 

5485 2nd St.

Roseville, Ohio 43777


Mr. James Parry - Vice Chairman

Juvenile Probation Officer

1860 East Pike

Zanesville, Ohio 43701

740-453-0351 ext 129

Mr. Jason Howard - Board Member

Office of Student Services

Ohio University - Zanesville Campus

1425 Newark Road

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Mrs. Kelly Ashby - Board Member

Zanesville Chamber of Commerce V.P.

205 N 5th St.

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


The Board of Education meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

Aside from our sponsoring entity's School Board, we also have our own governing board.  The Members of the Governing Board of Education for Zanesville Community High School are: