Aside from our sponsoring entity's School Board, we also have our own governing board.  The Members of the Governing Board of Education for Zanesville Community High School are:

The Board of Education meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

Mr. Allen Bennett - Chairman

Juvenile Detention Center

1860 East Pike  (JDC)

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Mrs. Lacey Higgins-Geyer - Board Member

Higgins Lumber Co. 

5485 2nd St.

Roseville, Ohio 43777


Mr. James Parry - Vice Chairman

Juvenile Probation Officer

1860 East Pike

Zanesville, Ohio 43701

740-453-0351 ext 129

Mr. Jason Howard - Board Member

Office of Student Services

Ohio University - Zanesville Campus

1425 Newark Road

Zanesville, Ohio 43701


Mr. Tyler Baughman - Board Member

Creative Packaging

1781 Kemper Court

Zanesville, Ohio 43701